This movie is directed out of William Shakespeare’s play called “Macbeth”.

Macbeth was a heroic solider that had fought and won many battles for Scotland. On his way home from a battle he is met by three witches, who says that he will become the new king of Scotland, and to become the king he has to kill their current king. When the current king pays a royal visit to macbeth’s castle, Macbeth kills him while he is sleeping. He turns weak after the committed murder, but his wife strengthens him. They become some kind of duo. Macbeth inherits the throne. He becomes crazy and kills a lot of innocent people. The story ends with him being killed.

The play is written in a very different english that what we’re used to. This is of course because the original was written in the that of the 1600’s, and the english language has evolved quite drastically since then.

Dear Mr.President

Dear Mr. Donald Trump

First off all, we would like to congratulate you as the new president of The United States. We did not vote for you

You are not our ideal person to become the president, but we hope you will convince us wrong. We as a community hopes that you will forfill Americas, social an economical needs as a nation and that you will become a direct and wise president. Also think about the decisions you make as a leader with such power and influence, because they will not only have consequences for USA, but also for almost every other country in the world.

Topics we would like you to have more focus on the upcoming years are the environment and building equal economical possibilities.

We want you to make America healthier, greener and richer. But how? Grow more trees, open more parks, shut down more fast food restaurants, align healthier food in the school cafeteria and activates for the people.

Please don’t follow up your thoughts about racism and Muslims, we want America do be a race free country. A country where everyone is accepted and respected. A country we are proud to live in.

How do you choose a book to read?

Sunday October 16th, 2016

How do I choose a book to read?

Well first of all I usually pick a book that grabs my attention by looking at it, even if people say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, I still do. If the book has a cool font, a cool name (of course depends on the genre), or a drawing or picture that looks interesting, it makes it more likely that I  choose it, than a boring cover.

If the book is recommended by a friend, or a newspaper/magazine, that book is usually the one I pick out of the stacks of books at the library. And then I’ll most likely read on the back of the book and see if I’m interested in reading it.

Or if I’ve read a book that I liked, I sometimes search on the internet for more books by the same author. Like the famous author John Green, I found one book that I really liked that he wrote, then found another one of his, and suddenly I had read all of his books.

Humans Of Oslo

Vlad (42)

How and why did you come to Oslo?

I was born and raised in Romania, my mother was a housewife and my dad a street musician. We were wealthy, but not very rich. My parents are strict so they told me to move out and get a job quite early. I used all my money on this instrument and started playing in the streets in my city, Deva. I did not make enough money so I saved up and moved to Norway. Here I play in the streets in Oslo in the summer months, and go back to Romania in the winter.

What place is this?

This place is a very known city, not only because its the capital of a big country in Europe, but it is full of different tourist attractions and experiences. The weather is not very different from Oslo, but its a bit warmer. The citys biggest attractions are a church, a tower and a long street. This country is also very known for having amazing chefs and restaurants. A fact about the city is that Princess Diana of Wales died in a car accident in this city. The country, especially this city is also very known for high fashion, some brands like Dior and Hermes comes from this city.

____ fashion week is also a worldwide event that happens in this city, people from all over the world attend fashion shows etc. To conclude this city is lays in a big country in Europe and is known for its tourist attractions, fashion and food.

First blogpost

My name is Frida Elise Seeberg liaaen and I live in Norway. I was born the 13th of November 2000 in Bærum Hospital. I like travelling, music and concerts. I also play the piano and I like to sing. I like both old and new music, bands and rap artists. My favorite bands are The 1975  or The Kooks, and my favourite single artists are Frank Ocean, Drake and Ed Sheeran.

Something that matters to me is equality between people.  I really want to get rid of the predjudices and discrimination in the topic of looks, sexuality, belief, skin colour etc…

I dont know how to describe beeing a Norwegian teenager, I guess its not very different from beeing a teenager in other countries in the world. Of course it may be different for teens in Norway that in for example Syria, but I think that teenagers go through some of the same stuff all around the world, either if youre in Norway or in other places in the world. Some of it are expectations we feel like we have to furfill and pressure, socially and at home.